Parteen National School, set in impressive green surroundings, nestles in the picturesque shadow of the local 19th century parish church, built in 1835, in the peaceful village of Parteen. It is hard to believe that this Clare oasis of tranquility is only a few minutes drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre of Limerick.

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2.40pm for all other pupils

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Draft RSE and SPHE


Parteen National School


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Principal: Gerard Ruane

Deputy Principal: Mairéad Guckian

 Parteen Relationship and Sexuality Education (R.S.E.) Policy and S.P.H.E Plan


Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE):

SPHE provides opportunities for pupils to learn basic personal and social skills which foster integrity, self confidence and self esteem while nurturing sensitivity to the feelings and rights of others.


Relationships and Sexuality Education:

Relationship of RSE to SPHE

RSE is an integral part of SPHE and seeks to provide children with opportunities to acquire knowledge and understanding of relationships and human sexuality.

Relationships and sexuality education seeks to provide children with opportunities to acquire knowledge and understanding of relationships and human sexuality, through processes which will enable them to form values and establish behaviours within a moral, spiritual and social framework.


Guidelines for the Management and Organisation of RSE in our school:

Provision for RSE

Teaching about relationships and sexuality will be delivered as part of the S.P.H.E Plan, as outlined below.  All content objectives will be taught developmentally by the time the children leave Sixth Class.  All issues will be discussed with sensitivity, professionalism and awareness of the varying levels of development within a class.

Possible sensitive issues such as naming body parts and sexual intercourse will be covered within the strand units – ‘Taking care of my body’; ‘Growing and changing’ and ‘Safety and Protection’.  Specific sensitive issues will be discussed by a guest speaker with the students from Sixth Class every year.



We will give children the correct and appropriate terminology as laid down in the SPHE Curriculum.  Specific terminology relating to core curriculum areas used by staff and guest speaker/speakers may include: womb, birth canal, developing foetus, puberty and reproduction, penis, vagina, breasts, sexual intercourse.



Each teacher follows the ‘Making the Links’ scheme (which combines Stay Safe, RSE and Walk Tall) in conjunction with the planning grid outlined in the SPHE Policy and our local arrangements for class schemes when there are two classes in one room


Answering questions

Should a pupil require information that is not in line with the curriculum content and not considered to be age-appropriate for the general body of pupils the school will refer him/her to their parent/parents/carers


Rights and Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians:

A parent’s right to withdraw a pupil from sensitive parts of the RSE programme will be honoured on the understanding that the parent is taking full responsibility for this aspect of education.  This school Policy is available on the school website and in hard copy in the office. If parents want to withdraw their children from any part of R.S.E., they must ask the class teacher when they are doing RSE topics and make arrangements around this. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school in writing of this decision. Parental permission is sought for children to attend the 6th class talk on sensitive issues. As indicated above, the Stay Safe Programme is taught in the school and if parents have questions or concerns about this, they should make an appointment to see the class teacher.



If a child is withdrawn from the teaching of sensitive issues we cannot guarantee that the other children will not tell or inform him/her about what happened.


Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers:

·         Each teacher follows the ‘Making the Links’ scheme (which combines Stay Safe, RSE and Walk Tall) in conjunction with this planning grid:


Overview of content for SPHE


                 Year 1 starts in 2014/2015


Strands  Strand Units (Year 1) Strand Units (Year 2)
Myself  Self-identity (Sept.–Oct.)  
   Taking care of my body(Jan-Feb)  
   Growing and Changing (Mar-April)  
    Safety and Protection (Jan-Feb)-Stay Safe
     Making Decisions (March-April)*This strand unit is for third to sixth only. Infants to second complete the Safety Issues section of Safety and Protection
Myself and others  Myself and My Family (Nov.-Dec.)  
    My friends and other people (May-June)
     Relating to others (Sept-Oct.)
Myself and the wider world   Media Education (Nov-Dec.)
  Developing Citizenship (May-June)   
Anti-Bullying Lessons for each class across all 3 Strands       (September, January) – available from September 2014



·         A teacher’s right to opt out from teaching the 6th class sensitive issues will be honoured.  Then provision will be made for these issues to be taught by:


    • A colleague.
    • A female staff member to the girls and by a male staff member to the boys.
    • An external speaker


·         RSE will be taught: in Junior Infants to Fifth Class by the class teacher as outlined in the SPHE Curriculum and if a member of staff is unavailable to teach the sensitive topics for 6th class as discussed, the BOM will organise a suitable guest speaker.


Sources and Resources:


We will use the Making the Links planning scheme which combines the RSE, Stay Safe and Walk Tall Programmes. We will also use Bullying in a Cyber World (Prim-Ed).


The Policy will be placed on our website for parents and our internal database for teachers. A hard copy will be kept in the office.

Ratified by the Board of Management on___________





Parteen School Fun Run


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, successful and fun filled 2014!
New Year count down is about to begin – Get the runners on!!
Announcing Parteen National School 10K & 5K Run, 5K Walk.
Sunday March 9th 2014 Starting from Daggers Pub, Blackwater, Ardnacrusha.

Registration Starts : 11am
5K Walk – 12pm
10K & 5K Run - 1pm

Come out and support Parteen National School, Family Fun Day.
Refreshments, tea & coffee, finger food for all afterwards,
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Limerick Choral Festival



Congratulations to Miss Parkinson and the School Choir who performed magnificently and took first prize at the Limerick Choral Festival which was held in the Redemptorists Church. All that practice and effort has paid off. The choir is now preparing for their next performance which is to be in Cork.



Step it up


Race Results!


View the race results from the Parteen School Walk & Run.


View ScoresView Photos

Joel Coustraine


For more Information go to Gallery- Senior School.



In early June we had a surprise visit from Chloe Morey who brought some silverware to the school. Chloe plays camogie with the Clare Senior team that won the Munster Cup this year. She chatted with the pupils about the team training and what this win meant to the team.

The Clare Senior Camogie Team is coached and trained by Peter Casey of the Games Development squad for GAA in  Primary Schools. Peter spent 8 weeks coaching the pupils of Parteen N. S. (Juniors to 3rd class)  and they all enjoyed learning the various skills from him. The 3rd and 4th classes also took part in inter-school hurling/camogie blitzes (organised by Peter) where the emphasis was on participation, fun and skill development.

Not So Long Ago



On Tuesday 19th June 2012, we had a guest author to speak to the pupils of third, fourth, fifth and sixth classes. Michael Mc Carthy, a proud native of Parteen, historian, writer and formerly producer/director and departmental head in RTE, enlightened the pupils on some local and national history. Michael has written extensively about the Shannon Scheme.

He also spoke to the children about the importance of writing and what is involved in producing a factual book. He donated a cheque to the school which will be used to encourage the pupils to write about their local place.

Michael also presented a magnificient oil painting of the Ardnacrusha Power Station which was painted by the Russian artist Elena Mikhailova and a personally signed photo of the famous 1995 All Ireland Clare hurling champions.



Thanks to ALL who helped make this year's Sports Day  such an enjoyable and successful event.

In particular we wish to express our gratitude to Parteen G.A.A. for the use of their excellent facilities.

More Photos in Gallery 



Parteen looks set to produce a few young scientists thanks to its success in two recent national competitions. The scientific endeavours of all classes in the school, from junior infants to sixth class, were rewarded when the department of Education awarded the school the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award of Excellence for the fifth year. Thanks to the guidance and encouragement of primary science co-ordinator Fidelma Coughlan a lot of empfasis is placed on the value of science in the school.

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