Mrs. Neville’s Junior Infants

 For February and March our play was all about the Doctor and the five senses. We created  a “Doctor’s Surgery” at our home corner for our pretend play. We brought in surgeon’s gloves and caps, bandages and plasters, empty medicine boxes, empty sample bottles from home. We played the roles of receptionist, concerned parents with our sick children, patients, the doctor and the nurse. We made a waiting room area, and used a window of our play house as the reception window. Inside our play house was the surgery and receptionist’s office. We had so much fun! We really enjoyed making our own play dough, playing with it and taking it home.

      We have been busy making St.Patrick’s Day  and Mother’s Day cards. We also painted Easter eggs and chicks and made Easter Bunny headbands. We have learnt lots of lovely rhymes, poems and songs ‘Rat-a-tat’, ‘Mice’, ‘Luichíni ag Spraoi’ ,‘ Bí i do Sheasamh’ and ‘Teidí sa Pharáid’. We have been practicing writing lots of ‘at’ and ‘in’ words. We love writing about ‘Our News’ and ‘Play Reviews’ and reading them out to our class. We work very hard at station time doing maths and english. We have been listening to lots of stories such as ‘Baby Brains’ and ‘Horrid Henry’ novels. We are great at making predictions and connections during storytime.


Parteen National School