Ms. Coughlan’s Second Class

We were very busy preparing for our First Confession Celebration, which took place in Parteen Church, on Wednesday, the 15th of March, 2017. We learned lots of special prayers and songs. For the display in the church we made lovely chicks and lambs and special First Confession posters. Ms. Coughlan, Fr. Tom , Mr. Ruane and our parents were so proud of us. It was a very special experience for us all and one we will never forget. (Sophie Ryan)

For our First Holy Communion we have already started learning some special prayers and songs. We are so looking forward to this special celebration in May.

In Second Class we have been working very hard this year and we have completed ‘Literacy Lift-Off’ where we read a number of books. We are now reading lots of cool novels in class, for example ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Lost in the snow’, ‘The Ghost King’ etc. (Aaliyah Wyse)

We are doing ‘Mata sa Rang’ also in Second Class. We are learning lots of new concepts and strategies. We did lots of work on Tens and Units, Clocks, Counting etc. (Holly Newport)

We made pancakes for ‘Pancake Tuesday’ and we also made Chocolate Buns when we were learning about ‘Procedures’. (Evan Heeney and Sara Cuddy)

Learning about Narrative Writing was great fun and we created our own narrative stories. Ms. Coughlan was very impressed with our stories. (Daniel Hayes)

For History we received a letter from a girl in India, Rajasthan. She told us about the clothes she and her family wears: The women wear a colourful garment called a Sari and the man wear a Dhoti. We learned about their Religion Hinduism and that they worship a God that looks like an elephant.  It was fascinating! (Dónal Connelly)

Evan Prenderville’s dad came in to our class and showed us lots of slides about his work in Saudi Arabia. He also showed us pictures of snakes, scorpions, camels and spiders. It was fascinating. (Joe Higgins)

For Catholic week we learned about the beauty of God’s creation. We learned this lesson with Pope Francis to care for our Common Home. We were also busy preparing for the Diocesan visit to the school on Monday, the 20th of March. We started the new program: ‘Grow in love’ in September. It’s a lovely program with amazing songs, stories and special facts about Jesus and His life. (David Mulqueen)

We created fabulous cards for St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Our parents were very impressed with all the cards and the huge effort we put into them.

We also got to dress up in green clothes for St. Patrick’s Day! It was great to see everyone wearing green even Ms. Coughlan wore cool green clothes! (Clodagh Quilligan)

Early in the year Lauren Molony did a ‘Show and Tell’ about planting flowers. Now it’s Spring time the flowers have bloomed in our classroom. It was worth the wait.

It really has been a very busy and exciting time in Second Class and we look forward to the months ahead P.G.!!


Parteen National School