Ms. Curtin January\February News

We did projects on Italy. Each group had either a different city or famous Italian to research. They were Venice, Florence, Pompeii, Rome, Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo. We enjoyed presenting our projects to the class. Some interesting quick facts we learned- did you know that there are over 400 bridges in Venice? Ancient Romans would stick a feather back their throat to vomit so they could eat more…! Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors and designed the first drawings of a helicopter. After painting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, Michaelangelo was so used to working over his head he used to hold letters above himself to read them!

By Lily O Brien and Holly Duggan


We invited our Grandparents into class to speak with us on Grandparents Day. Jack Gore’s, Katie’s, Sam’s, Sarah Jane’s, Dara Hanley’s, Luke’s and Lily’s grandparents all came in. We had prepared questions as we had all interviewed our Grandparents either at home or over the phone and had made lovely special cards for them with charms. We asked lots of questions about their childhood and their answers were really interesting! They brought in photographs to show us themselves as children. We enjoyed Grandparents day!

By Jack G and Katie Mc Donald


We have been learning about Ships of the past in our history. The ship we focused on was the HMS Victory. We learned that the space each man had for his hammock was only 35cm! 830 crew were on board and over 100 guns, with young boys of 12 working as powder monkeys bringing the gun powder from the lower decks. Lastly we learned about the diseases on board, we eat lots of vitamin c in our oranges and kiwis so no danger of scurvy in our class! Spanish and Portuguese explorers were fantastic sailors.

Last month when learning about The EU each person in our class had to research an interesting fact about each capital and tell the class.

By Dara Hanley and Jack Dennehy

We have been working hard at maths. Our tables train each morning is really improving our tables. We are doing new tough but fun word problems every Monday morning, we do pair work on these sometimes. We worked on time and studied timetables for trains and buses. We are very good now at changing the time form the 12 hour clock to the 24 hour clock.

By: Jessica Devane and Aidan Magill

In our English we enjoyed writing our Modern Day Fairytales. We brought old stories into 2016! We also started our Reading Buddies twice a week with Mr Collins’ 2nd class. We listen to his class read and help them by following this system; Praise, pause and prompt. This helps them with their words and reading. We record any hard words together and helps it stay in their heads. We love reading buddies!

By Colene Hogan and Conor Mc Carthy

Our Reading Challenge is going very well. Every time you read 10 books you get a prize! Six people have read over 20 books now. We are all aiming to read at least one classic this year and people in our class have read The Railway Children, The Wind in the Willows, Black Beauty, Oliver Twist and Alice’s adventures in Wonderland- they are excellent books! We also love all Michael Murpurgo’s books.

By Ronan Breen and Kian Higgins

In Art we have been working on Pop Art and especially on the Brazilian artist Romero Brtitto. We looked at his paintings and techniques. We prepared powerpoints during our laptop time showing examples of his work and all about his background and presented to the class. We made some pop art paintings then using different items for different print affects. We all did different designs so they are all unique!

By Sarah Jane Williams and Róisín Casey

In PE Peter Casey was doing hurling coaching with us, we love when Peter comes. We did lots of catching and running drills. We learned to co-operate with each other to do drills quickly. Peter has offered to help coach the after school hurling, we are delighted! In PE we also were doing gymnastics with Ms Curtin. We did lots of balances and counterbalances and worked on the horse and with the benches. We created a sequence in groups of 4 and performed for the class, they were very good.

By: Luke Garcia Breen and Dara Nolan

At the end of January the girls from 5th and 6th class played in a “Lep” rugby tournament (It is slightly different to tag rugby, less stopping) in Thomond rugby pitch. Kenneth from Munster rugby invited us. Parteen had three teams and everybody played three matches. The weather was nice, we were lucky and we got lots of fresh air. Thank you Ms Guckian, Ms Curtin and Mr Crowe for bringing us and for a wonderful day!

By Aoife Millea and Caitlin Guckian

Before the real election Mr Crowe’s class held a mock election  which was just like the real election. There were seven parties and celebrity “Politicians”, we really enjoyed listening to the candidates who each gave reasons why we should vote for them. We then voted at the booths and put our vote in the ballot box. The winners were “Eire Nua” with 39 votes.

By Muireann Hartigan and Joshua O Donoghue

Our Alive O religion inspection went really well. We told the priest all of our stories and he asked us questions. We sang songs for him too. He loved our part singing for The Weaving Song. We told him why we had chosen our favourite modern day prophets.


Parteen National School