Ms. Neville February News

For February our play was all about the Doctor. We created  a “Doctor’s Surgery” at our home corner for our pretend play. We brought in surgeon’s gloves and caps, bandages and plasters, empty medicine boxes, empty sample bottles  from home. We played the roles of receptionist, concerned parents with our sick children, patients, the doctor and the nurse. We made a waiting room area, and used a window of our play house as the reception window. Inside our play house was the surgery and receptionist’s office. We had so much fun! We made doctor stick puppets, valentine cards and headbands. We enjoyed learning all about  our five senses and enjoyed exploring the classroom sensory box. We learnt the poems ‘Night Fright’, ‘Lent’, ‘Luichíní ag Spraoi’ and ‘Teidí ag Scátáil’. We learnt the songs ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘There was a Princess’. We loved listening to the story ‘The Singing Mermaid’ and drawing and labeling a picture walk about it. At station time we were busy playing number games, making sets, solving problems, and sounding out words and writing them down.


Parteen National School