Ms. Neville January News

The Chimpanzees of HappytownFor January our play was all about the Hairdressers & Happytown from the story  The Chimpanzees of Happytown. We created  a “Happytown Hairdressers” at our home corner for our pretend play. We gather with the help of Mrs.Neville empty shampoo bottles, curlers, combs, grips, brushes, a basin, hairstyle books, towels, capes, toy scissors, shaver etc.. We played the roles of receptionist, customers, hairdresser. We made a waiting room area, and used a window of our play house as the reception window. Inside our play house was the hairdresser’s salon and the receptionist’s area. We built hairdressing  salons with our construction materials. We enjoyed making crazy hair styles from our play dough and from foam in the sink at water play. We made Happytown 2D shape houses and we painted pictures of Happytown too. We had so much fun! We learnt the poems ‘Table Manners’, ‘Cáca’ and ‘Bí I do Sheasamh’. We learnt the songs ‘Boa Constrictor’ and ‘Gift of Love’. We loved learning our hurling skills every Tuesday morning.


Parteen National School