Ms. Neylon’s First Class

We have been very busy at school.  Our class calendar is packed with news and activities. 

  • We just finished Lift Off to Literacy.  We loved it! We got to read tons of books and practice of writing too.  We had lots of teachers helping us in our classroom.  We are reading very tricky books now. 
  • In SPHE we learned about how important it is to look after our teeth.  We even got to practise flossing and brushing our teeth.  We also drew our own Tooth Fairies and applied for jobs as the Tooth Fairy. 
  • In Science we learned about how much sugar is in our favourite treats and about the effect of sugar on our teeth.  We will be making better treat choices from now on!
  • We have been learning all about spring.  We made some beautiful clay daffodil pots in art.  We also went on a spring walk, looking for signs of spring with our partners.  We wrote spring acrostic poems too.  We are also planting some seeds.  We hope they grow quickly!
  • In Irish we have been having lots of fun.  We learned the song ‘Wagonwheel’ as Gaeilge.  We did a roleplay- Siopa Bréagáin.  We really enjoyed this and really impressed teacher with our acting skills.  We have started doing Irish homework.  We are teaching our mammies and daddies lots of Irish words.
  • In maths we have been very busy working on our Mental Maths.  We love playing Speed Challenge on our whiteboards.  We are getting so fast, we can solve sums in only 3 seconds!! We had lots of fun learning about weight.  We estimated and weighed lots of interesting parcels.  We are also learning all about tens and units. We play lots of fun games to help us.  Ms Walsh has been helping us with our maths activities every Wednesday and we love them!
  • In PE a hurling coach is teaching us lots of new skills.  We also learned a new circle dance to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We also did gymnastics in PE. 
  • We had a special visitor to our classroom.  We sang lots of songs for Lorraine and told her all about our favourite bible stories.  She was so impressed she asked teacher to give us homework off!!

Parteen National School