Ms. O’Dwyer February News

This month our play was all about the Doctor’s Surgery. We pretended to be doctors, nurses, patients and receptionists. We had to phone up the receptionist to make an appointment with the doctor. We read books in the waiting room before going into the doctor’s surgery. We looked at different x-rays and guessed which body part was shown. Play dough was used to make different instruments that the doctor might use, for example; stethoscopes and thermometers. We made a mini doctor’s surgery, using the dolls’ house and small world characters. We loved exploring and playing with the sensory box as well as constructing hospitals using blocks.

We learnt a lovely song about a Boa Constrictor and also a song about our five senses.

In art, we enjoyed making Valentines cards and headbands. We even made our own “Doctor Puppets” to play with.

We learnt a lot about Jesus’ life and Lent in our Grow In Love. We drew pictures of different things we could share with others during Lent. We also really enjoyed singing the song “When Jesus was a Boy.”


Parteen National School