Ms. O’Dwyer January News

For January our play was based on ”Happytown Hairdressers”. We pretended to be hairdressers, stylists, receptionists and customers. We had fun ringing up the receptionist to make an appointment. We also enjoyed reading magazines in the waiting area before the hairdresser washed, cut and styled our hair. We made different hairstyles using play dough and sand. A lot of work was done washing the hairdressers’ mugs and dishes in the sink. We also made a mini-hairdressing salon, using the dolls’ house and small world characters.

We read a lovely book called “The Chimpanzees of Happytown”. We enjoyed painting Happytown pictures. We were very surprised when a real chimpanzee puppet called Chutney was hanging beside our paintings one morning! Chutney told teacher that he wanted to visit the homes of all of the girls and boys in the class. We wrote recounts about Chutney’s visits to our homes.

We learnt about some 2D shapes in maths and we constructed a “2D Happytown House”. We used coloured shapes, paper and glue. We also wrote about the procedure of making a“2D Happytown House”.


Parteen National School