Ms. O’Keefe January\February News

In Fourth class we have been busy as usual getting up to lots of different things! Each child designed their own projects on a European country of their choice. We included things like capitals, populations, we drew pictures of their flags, we included some of the tourist attractions and types of food to eat in these countries. We presented them to the class.

We started our class novel “There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom”. We had many questions at the start for example “Why is there a boy in the girl’s bathroom?” We have found out why but we won’t spoil it for you as it is a very good humorous book!

We have started a reading challenge in our class. We read a book and after we have finished the book we complete a book report. When we have five books read and five book reports completed we get five points on our class dojo points system which can be used to get prizes, homework passes and much more!

We had hurling with Peter Casey also. It was great fun. We learned lots of new skills. In our own P.E. lessons we have been practising hockey skills. We have been playing hockey matches also on Thursdays and Fridays.

In history we learnt about the life of St. Brigid. She dedicated her life to helping the poor and sick and carrying out the work of God. One day she was helping a sick man. He wasn’t religious but when St. Brigid explained to him Gods love for us he was amazed by what she had said. She weaved rushes together to make a cross for him.  We also made St. Brigids crosses in fourth class using rushes. We worked in groups of four the weave them. It was very enjoyable and we brought them home. They are said to keep a house safe and that is why many people hang them in their homes.

We also learnt about Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton. He was an Irish man who was an excellent sailor and wanted to explore the world. He was the third person to reach the South Pole. The first person to reach the South Pole was a Norwegian called Amundsen.

Our religion inspection went really well. Father Séan came to our class. We told him about the parables we had studied and how they relate to our lives. We said prayers and sang songs and he really like when we sang the song “I have been anointed”.

In fourth class we are really looking forward to swimming which will be starting on the 15th of March in U.L. swimming pool. Hopefully we will be swimming faster than dolphins at the end of our six weeks! If not we will just keep practising. As the phrase goes Practise makes Perfect!

By Ashleigh Quilligan, Alex Kennedy, Ben Wallace, Ella O’ Halloran, Aimee O’ Halloran, Niall Mc Guane, Lee Collopy and Grace Hayes.


Parteen National School