Ms. Parkinson January\February News

News from 3rd class

We learned about Egypt earlier this term.  They get rain in the desert only two to three times a year!  We learned about the clothes they wear, their religion, their houses and the food they eat.  We made Egyptian food with figs, dried apricots, raisins and prunes with water and sugar.  Most of us didn’t like it!!! We also learned about the Fennec fox that lives in the dessert and that camels are called the Ships of the Desert.  It was fun.

By Ben O’ Loughlin

This term we’ve started using Reading Eggs during station teaching with Mrs. O’ Rourke.  We had to do a placement test at the start and then get to do reading and spelling games.  We’ve been using our headphones for this.  During English stations we have been doing reading, fun grammar games, laptops, writing and ways of understanding the text “The Butterfly Lion”.  We are really enjoying this.

By Isabel McNamara


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