Ms. Sheahan January\February News

In both January and February Senior Infants have enjoyed learning and listening to many new poems – particularly by the poet Shel Silverstein. We loved learning “Snowball” and “Captain Hook” and had a great time figuring out what the poem “Runny Bakes a Tath” is all about (there’s a special trick to reading it!).

Senior Infants continued to work on “Making Predictions” – we were delighted to read “Willie the Wizard” by Anthony Browne and “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by Judith Kerr.

In Maths Senior Infants have been working particularly hard at their addition and number stories. The whole class really love reading about Sian and her different adventures with the numbers 1 – 9 (from the Topmarks website). We have also been very lucky to be working with Ms. Gleeson and Ms. O’Rourke four days a week for Mata sa Rang. In Mata sa Rang we work on counting, identifying numbers, number patterns, addition, sharing and other mathematical concepts. We get to use counters and maths resources and play lots of games as a group or in pairs. We love getting into our groups – horses, monkeys, goats and dogs (we took the names from the Chinese New Year animals) – and getting to work with each teacher. We are always very excited to see the other teachers come into our classroom because we know it is time for maths stations!

In Science, Senior Infants have been studying “Energy and Forces”. In January we investigated sound and in February we investigated and experimented with heat. Our favourite heat related experiment was related to body heat. We observed the effect our body heat had on squares of chocolate – it was a messy experiment but we were delighted to “clean up” afterwards! We also enjoyed classifying different items as hot or cold.

In February we made our own St. Brigid crosses out of construction straws. We did an excellent job folding the straws and slotting them together. The hardest part was putting on the elastic band to hold the straws together but, luckily, Ms. Sheahan was there to give a helping hand! We really liked discussing the story of St. Brigid and learning the song “We Sing a Song to Brigid” from the Grow in Love programme.

We also enjoyed looking at the sculpture “Love” by the American artist Robert Indiana. We made our own images of the sculpture on canvas using our thumb prints to apply the paint. We brought our beautiful canvases home to give to our families on Valentine’s Day.

We have been very pleased by the themes for our socio-dramatic play in January and February. We had an excellent time at the “Hairdressers” and the “Vet”. We are excellent at planning for our socio-dramatic play – we are very good at making lists of the different props needed and deciding what jobs need to be done. At the “Hairdressers” we took turns at being the customer, the receptionist and the hairdresser. We are experts at making appointments and loved pretending to wash and dry hair and trying on the different wigs! We loved preparing for the “Vet” by reading “Mrs. Vole the Vet” by Anthony Ahlberg – Mrs. Vole treated many different animals and no job was too big or too small!

We also liked playing with our new trucks and cars, playing with sand and building with the “grownup” K’NEX during playtime.

Ms. Sheahan is extremely pleased with all our hard work and excellent behaviour over the last two months! Well Done to all students in Senior Infants!



Parteen National School