Ms. Sheahan’s Junior Infants have settled in extremely well to their first year at school!

We start each morning with our Aistear “Play Time”. We have enjoyed discovering the world through play based learning activities using themes such as:  “The Home”, “The Vet”, “The Hairdresser” etc. We love taking on the different roles for these scenarios. At play we also love making jigsaws, playing with sand, water and sensory toys, playing board games together, building with different types of blocks, creating art using paint and other materials and using the small world toys (the doll’s house, the pirate ship, the cars) with our friends. We absolutely love “Play Time”!

This year we are very lucky to have Ms. Meskell work with us in-class for both Maths and Literacy during the week. We have lots of fun during station teaching time where we get to play games to help us with our literacy and numeracy skills, use ipads to practice letter formation, phonics and various maths skills, do lots of different activities to work on our fine-motor skills and work with Ms. Sheahan and Ms. Meskell to practice our reading, writing, spelling, counting and other number work.

This month students have enjoyed reading many stories, including “Baby Brains” by Simon James and “Mog and the Baby” by Judith Kerr. We love practicing our reading comprehension strategies while reading – we are experts at making predictions and connections! We also enjoyed reading the story “Oi Frog!” by Kes Grey as a revision of our work on rhyming words – it is a very funny story!

In March we were scientists investigating materials that would float and materials that would sink. As a class we made predictions before experimenting in small groups. We were particularly shocked by the results of ice and a bottle cork!

In P.E. Junior Infants have been lucky to work on their hurling skills – we try our best to listen to the instructor and love practicing our drills. We are improving every week!

In our visual art lessons we had a wonderful time printing using fruit and vegetables to make colourful bouquets for Mother’s Day. We made daisies using a lemon for the centre and carrot sticks for petals and roses using bunches of celery. We really liked tasting little pieces of celery and carrot after our hard work and, while some of us liked the taste of the celery, the clear favourites were the carrot sticks! This month we also enjoyed making mixed-media daffodils. We painted the background using sponges, used crayons to design the outer part of our daffodils (and cut them out ourselves!), painted bun cases to make the inner part and glued the grass and flower parts onto our backgrounds by ourselves. We are really enjoying art and especially love experimenting with new materials and new ways to create our pieces.

Ms. Sheahan’s Junior Infants are taking part in a programme called “Yard Friends” this year. With “Yard Friends” we partner up with a new friend from the class each week (sometimes we are in little groups) and play with them at “Big Lunch” on the yard. We make sure that we are with our yard friend, that we play with them and that each friend gets to pick one game to play during the time on yard. We all try to play with our “yard friends” for two games and then we join another group if we like (although most of the time we stick with our friend for the entire break). We love that everyone has a friend to play with on yard and that no one is ever left out! All of the teachers, especially Ms. Sheahan, really enjoy hearing all of the lovely games we played at break and seeing how happy we all look!

Ms. Sheahan is so delighted with each child in Junior Infants – we are excellent workers, super friends, always polite and, most importantly, always do our best!